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“The vibration of media and surroundings”
Conducted by Bishwajit goswami

Participator: 32 students of UDA, Faculty of fine art, Dhaka.Location: River Burigonga and her surroundings

Medium: oil on paper ….water color process using unusual materials and way.
Duration: 15 days. 1 may to 15 may.( early morning to before sunset)

My work for last 12 years has used revealing aspects of our surroundings, which have a profound impact on our contemporary culture today. In my varied and diverse approaches to making art; painting, Printmaking, photography, the context of the work has based on humanity & our surroundings. I believe as an artist I can express my visual thoughts to the viewers.

As a visual artist I believe I have a responsibility for the society.so I always try to contain with my humble approach in my creative way.in my creative practice I used to teach and share my thoughts to other student or friends  in different way….such as workshop, lecture, or group activities.

“The vibration of media and surroundings” – art workshop, I try to share my some work technique what I had learn through my art practice before. In 2003 to 2007 when I used to go for study in outdoor especially in old Dhaka, near at buriganga. I saw the river which descending from the Himalayas, the streams that flow into the Ganges. The city that grew along our banks had accumulated a long history behind it. River (black, chemical toxins float in the river) and city share a long history of pain; they are both strangled by the so-called urban development project. I used to perceive the surroundings and create on my canvas in a different way with oil color on paper to relate with the rivers pain. I used my oil medium with turpentine to make fluidity, cloth as a brush tool, using spatula for scratch the surface. Every day 32 students of UDA FINE ART FACULTY students used to go early in the morning and work until sunset. In a little time they may be create less but learn lot, how river survive and carry the whole thing. As a creative person everyone should that type of spirit & strength which can bring great creativity in each step .

The vibration of media and surroundings